Maghara Arabians, Established 2006
Located in beautiful South Coast, NSW

Welcome to Maghara...
The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.

Our Contractual Information

Page Requirements

You are required to have an active and up-to-date page for your Maghara Arabian's homebreds within 7 days of purchase, unless otherwise discussed. If you do not comply with this requirement we will reclaim the horse(s) in question. Should the URL you have provided Maghara Arabians with go inactive or broken this is grounds for immediate reclaiming. Horse pages must be updated once a month at the very minimum.

Reclaiming Information

We will be doing rolling checks on all of the horses bred or created by Maghara Arabians and if we find a broken URL or a horse page that has not been updated recently, we will post a notification on the WF Proboard; if you do not ready this and rectify the situation immediately, we will reclaim any and all horses in question.

Aging Regulations

Maghara Arabians' homebreds may not be aged unless we have spoken via email. However, if you choose to age your horse every couple of months or by the number of shows they enter, that is fine with me. Just let me know ahead of time so I can be aware of the situation.

Importation Regulations

Horses purchased from Maghara Arabians may not, in any circumstance, be imported to any game without prior written consent from myself (Tait). If we discover that you have done this, we will notify the game you have illegally imported the horse in to, and reclaim the animal(s).

Lifetime Buybacks

Horses that have been bred and/or created by Maghara Arabians (Tait) are put under the Maghara buybacks policy. Should you decide that the horse you have purchased from Maghara Arabians no longer suits your needs/plans, you are required to sell said animal back to us. If you fail to do so and we see it under new ownership (at any other stable than your own), we will confiscate the horse from the person you have transferred ownership to and add your name to our "black list." Horse(s) page must bear the words "Buybacks to Tait (Maghara Arabians)." Any horse purchased from me is automatically placed under this contract unless otherwise stated.

Showing Stipulations

Showing the horse(s) you have purchased from Maghara Arabians is a requirement, period. Unless specified otherwise during the time of sale (example: broodmares). This means at least once a month, no less. Disciplines on the horses cannot change drastically. For example, I don't want to see you retrain my saddleseat horse for western pleasure. My horses were bred for specific disciplines and I don't want to see their talents wasted. You are not permitted to show them in levels that aren't appropriate for their age or overshow them. You may retire horses from showing with my approval. More information on retiring a horse is provided under "Retiring."

Naming Guidelines

Horses names may not be changed or altered in any way. They must remain as they are and be shown as they are. Any Maghara Arabian's homebred will have the "M" suffix, period. This must be presented in conjunction with the horse name in every instance (e.g.: in your show entries). You are not pemitted to add suffixes or suffixes of your own to horses bred by Maghara Arabians, or those created by Maghara Arabians. Please do not try to claim a horse as your own homebred. We consider that to be disrespectful and grounds for reclaiming. Homebreds must have the "M" suffix. If you are given the opportunity to name the foal that is being bred, please bear in mind that the "M" suffix will be attached to any and all horses bred by us.

Retirement and/or Gelding

If you have purchased a horse from Maghara Arabians that you wish to retire after a successful show career, you must contact us in advance to see if this is an option; if and ONLY if we approve the retirement should you retire a horse. If you own a stallion from Maghara Arabians and you wish to geld this horse, you must first contact us at Maghara Arabians in order to see if this is an option. 90% of the time we are going to deny your request and purchase the horse from you instead of allowing this to happen. We have worked on these bloodlines for over a decade and do not appreciate horses being gelded without our knowledge.